Award Programs

The following is a list of the various award programs the ASMF offers. Complete details on scope, eligibility requirements, deadlines and applications forms can be found in each award’s full request for application (RFA) when the award is open for applications.

Career Development Awards

ABSM Junior Faculty Research Award

Assists new faculty in the development of a career in academic sleep medicine.

Bridge to Success Award for Early Career Investigators

Provides ‘bridge’ funding to promising sleep scientists who have applied for an entry level career development award such as a K grant from the NIH, a career development award from the VA or equivalent but need additional time and resources.

Bridge to Success Award for Mid-Career/Senior Investigators

Provides ‘bridge’ funding to mid-level and senior investigators in sleep and biological rhythms who have re-applied for research support.

Focused Projects Award for Junior Investigators

Provides funding for investigator-initiated projects across a wide variety of topics and research questions relevant to sleep medicine that align with the mission of the ASMF. Projects may involve outcomes, quality metrics or other aspects of health services research, including pilot projects.

Physician Scientist Training Award

Supports research training for physicians who wish to pursue careers as physician scientists in sleep medicine.

Investigator-Initiated Awards

Strategic Research Award

Provides funding for projects which foster health services research and patient-oriented research in sleep medicine, to improve patients’ outcomes and to demonstrate value.

Focused Projects Award – Humanitarian/Educational

Provides funding for investigator-initiated awards across a wide variety of topics including those that address sleep problems in disadvantaged populations or research or other initiatives that may foster education and training in sleep medicine or increase awareness to sleep health and sleep disorders.

AADSM Dental Research Award

Provides funding to foster research and advance the field of dental sleep research.