Enhancing Sleep Health for All

The American Sleep Medicine Foundation (ASMF) is the leading foundation promoting sleep research and education. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the ASMF has awarded more than $9 million in grants for sleep research, educational initiatives and humanitarian aid campaigns.

The ASMF seeks to overcome the burden of untreated sleep disorders, educate the public and policy makers about sleep and promote healthy sleep across all socio-economic levels. To achieve these goals, the ASMF provides grant programs to help young physicians and scientists in their pursuits, and to help fund research to enhance our understanding of sleep.

Your donation to the ASMF supports strategic research that advances sleep science and improves how sleep disorders are detected and treated. By supporting the ASMF, you are making a lasting impact on the fields of sleep research and sleep medicine.



ASMF grants support strategic research that explores important knowledge gaps in the field of sleep medicine.



The ASMF supports educational initiatives to improve awareness about sleep and sleep disorders.